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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rave Symone Natural Hair

 Ever Since Rave Symone surprise us with her weight loss, now she in the media again rocking her natural short and healthy hair.I'm proud of  Rave Symone,She learning to eat right and care for natural her hair.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I will be posting soon

I have been M.I.A for the past two months from my blog now, I've been so busy with my with natural hair care business and training to become a Master Barber.Last month I had to move to another salon and I had to wait for state broad to transfer my permit to the new salon,well the permit has arrived and tomorrow I will be setting up my things at my new booth.I'm still a licensed natural stylist and it will not change. Hair is my passion and my a talent. I want to be educate in all hair care services. The next three months I  will  be attending hair shows and hair seminars for all nationalities .So please wish me good luck. I have a new hair website make sure you check it out www.theartofhairandbeauty.webs.com/

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Hair Style For this Month Is Micros Braids (April)

  1. This month  the  Micros Braids style is  the style of the month. Micros braids has been out for a long time. I can remember back in the 80's when  I was a little girl my mom was at the salon and a lady was sitting in the chair next to my mom getting her hair braided by the stylist in these tiny braids. After we left the salon, I asked my mom why she didn't get  her hair braided like the lady with the long braids and my mom said baby that cost alot of money.  Now in 2010, some of everybody is wearing the micro braids style, and even the white girls. some hair braiders may charge from  $80 to $300. There are some things you need to know before installing Micro braids in your hair.  First make sure your hair is in good condition. If your hair is breaking off and you have thin edges, I wouldn't recommend Micro braids, because the hair is very fragile and you can damage your hair more. Second,if your hair is in good condition  and it has been two week after you  have applied a relaxer, start with  given your hair  hot oil treatment and a deep conditioning, if helps to prevent hair breakage.Now you can install your Micro braids, but make sure the  hair braider don't braid to tight, because that can give you white bumps on the scalp and cause damage to the root of your hair. For maintenance you should shampoo and condition your hair or use a dry shampoo  to keep your Micro braids looking and smelling  fresh. Better Braids oil spray is good for moisturizing your braids or any moisturizer you prefer.Micro braids should  stay in your hair at least two months at a time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Is Your Favorite Spring Hair Style?

Since winter, many had to protect their hair from the cold weather that can be very hardish on the hair and scalp.Now spring is here, and many are wanting  a  fresh  new hair style. It you have always wear your hair long cuting a little or some layers want hurt,  for the straight hair sisters you may want to rock some curls to set off  the new spring of  the year,and for my short hair sisters give yourself some length to have your hair flowing  in the air when you're at the beach. Oh! yes don't forget to add some color to that dull hair.


Spring Beauty

Monday, March 1, 2010

The hair style of the month (March)

 The natural sew-n-weave is the hair style of the month. No gule added, you can gave your natural hair a break and  still shampoo your hair to keep your scalp clean. Sew-n-weaves last up to two months. keeping  your weave wrap up at night can help it  to look fresh and clean. Not adding alot of products on your weave also help it to fresh and clean.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angel M.Hunter

Essence bestselling author Angel M. Hunter visited me to get her locs groom. I took these photos of her long golden locs,so all my book readers make sure you visit her websitehttp://www.angelmhunter.com/  and buy her book to show your support.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

The hair style of the month (February) Loc Extensions

       Loc extensions has become very popular for the pass four years now. I can recall the first time I installed loc extensions it was on myself. I  had a bad experience getting my loc extensions install in Atlanta and I was not please how they look after they were completed. I drove two hours to waste gas and money because the stylist didn't listen to what color hair I wanted or the size I wanted, the stylist did the opposite. When I return home those loc extensions were out my hair because  I was to embarrass to be seen. But I did learned a new techniques on how to install loc extensions. So the next week I went online and order Afro kinky human hair and installed my loc extension myself it took me some days, but I was satisfied. I invested $400 to achieved the length  and size I wanted ,but as months went by my natural hair started to grow I would cut off inchs of my loc extensions. My Natural hair is pass my shoulders now and 3 inchs form there is Loc extension some people cut off thier loc extensions and  some don't. You should always  consider doing your  research when  wanting to installing  loc extensions don't  just rush to sit in someone salon chair because they do loc extensions. Ask question like;Can I see pictures of your work?, What kind of Hair do you use? Is it human hair?,How much do the hair cost? Loc extensions  is care for just like natural locs.Some people with natural loc use the afro kinky hair to repair or add length to thier natural locs. Now the price for loc extensions is very high some salon charge from $500 to $1000. People ask me why I started my price  from  $260 to $500  and not higher,  because I love what I do and Its  not all about dollar signs. Im  here to  make people look and feel good about them selves and the money will follow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a update and Bentonite Clay

        Well this month I've been busy  working on my new hair care line for all hair types, and nationalties.The name is Mother Earth's Natural Hair Care, and I've been doing alot of researching and experimenting on different natural ingerdients.  I'm also working on and buliding an online hair care store and I pray that it will succeed, in Jesus name,aman.  The other day was in the health food store picking up some essential oils and I discovered a new health/beauty product name Bentonite Clay. I asked one of the store clerks what it was,and he explained that people use it on their face or drink it with water to clean out the toxins in their body,face and hair,so I bought me about 6 ounces to try it.When I got home I looked up Bentonite on YouTube and it were several videos on Bentonite Clay. Some people were demonstrating how they use it on their hair and some on their face. I also researched Bentonite Clay at Botanical.com were it gave me all the information and history about the Bentonite Clay, so if you have time take a peep you might find it interesting.Peace ,love and Hair Grease.
check out these videos

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new handbag

My Favorite Creme of Nature Hair Coloring

  My natural hair color is black, but over the years my hair color changed to a off black and started to  look dull.  So,every six months I use my favorite hair coloing  Creme of  Nature.I like how the color last a long  time on my hair. I hate  that Creme of Nature is not a natural product. But it don't dry my hair out and it don't stains my clothes. Since my locs are long I use two boxs and it cost me about $12.50 I buy my Creme of Nature at my local beauty store Venus.  You can buy Creme of Nature at Walmart and Walgreen too.I want to try the hanna hair coloring but the timing to leave on your hair is to long. Maybe one day when I have a free day I will try hanna.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Hair Style Of The Month (November)

The hair style of the month is the kinky braids. The style is similar to the boxs braids the special price is  $100  and $50 for young ladies ages 7 to 12. Oh yes! hair is included in price.The service will take about 8 hours to complete. You can go to http://www.braidzanddreadzbyivory.com/ to schedule your appt..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Book of the Month(October)

The book of the month for October is Hair Story (UNTANGLING THE  ROOTS OF BLACK HAIR IN AMERICA) by Ayana D.Byrd & Lori L. Tharps. This book will educate you on the history of  african american's hair  and the hair styles  african americans wore back in the days, this book will take you through time.