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Monday, February 1, 2010

The hair style of the month (February) Loc Extensions

       Loc extensions has become very popular for the pass four years now. I can recall the first time I installed loc extensions it was on myself. I  had a bad experience getting my loc extensions install in Atlanta and I was not please how they look after they were completed. I drove two hours to waste gas and money because the stylist didn't listen to what color hair I wanted or the size I wanted, the stylist did the opposite. When I return home those loc extensions were out my hair because  I was to embarrass to be seen. But I did learned a new techniques on how to install loc extensions. So the next week I went online and order Afro kinky human hair and installed my loc extension myself it took me some days, but I was satisfied. I invested $400 to achieved the length  and size I wanted ,but as months went by my natural hair started to grow I would cut off inchs of my loc extensions. My Natural hair is pass my shoulders now and 3 inchs form there is Loc extension some people cut off thier loc extensions and  some don't. You should always  consider doing your  research when  wanting to installing  loc extensions don't  just rush to sit in someone salon chair because they do loc extensions. Ask question like;Can I see pictures of your work?, What kind of Hair do you use? Is it human hair?,How much do the hair cost? Loc extensions  is care for just like natural locs.Some people with natural loc use the afro kinky hair to repair or add length to thier natural locs. Now the price for loc extensions is very high some salon charge from $500 to $1000. People ask me why I started my price  from  $260 to $500  and not higher,  because I love what I do and Its  not all about dollar signs. Im  here to  make people look and feel good about them selves and the money will follow.


  1. I think that's beautiful to share your God-given talent in that way. I appreciate what you do and I'm sure others do as well. My mother recently began locking her hair and I look forward to seeing how it turns evolves. I am not locking my hair at this point, and I probably won't. I can't say that they are for me. I am, however, and avid braid wearer and have been for years. I will be coming by to see what you have to say about products because I think that is what's missing from my agenda when it comes to keeping my hair up. "Thank you" for sharing!

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