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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a update and Bentonite Clay

        Well this month I've been busy  working on my new hair care line for all hair types, and nationalties.The name is Mother Earth's Natural Hair Care, and I've been doing alot of researching and experimenting on different natural ingerdients.  I'm also working on and buliding an online hair care store and I pray that it will succeed, in Jesus name,aman.  The other day was in the health food store picking up some essential oils and I discovered a new health/beauty product name Bentonite Clay. I asked one of the store clerks what it was,and he explained that people use it on their face or drink it with water to clean out the toxins in their body,face and hair,so I bought me about 6 ounces to try it.When I got home I looked up Bentonite on YouTube and it were several videos on Bentonite Clay. Some people were demonstrating how they use it on their hair and some on their face. I also researched Bentonite Clay at were it gave me all the information and history about the Bentonite Clay, so if you have time take a peep you might find it interesting.Peace ,love and Hair Grease.
check out these videos


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  2. very intressting... Good luck with ur online hair store =)